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NASA Semantic Web For Environment and Technology
Semantic Web for Earth and Environmental Terminology (SWEET)

SWEET Ontologies

SWEET ontologies are written in the OWL ontology language and are publicly available. SWEET 2.3 is highly modular with 6000 concepts in 200 separate ontologies. You can view the entire concept space from an OWL tool such as Protege by reading in sweetAll.owl. Alternatively, these ontologies can be viewed individually. SWEET 2.3 consists of eight top-level concepts/ontologies. Some of the next-level concepts are shown in the Figure. Go to SWEET ontologies.

High Level Ontology View

  Mapping to CF Standard Names:
Mapping Table
CF Components

Older SWEET 2.2 ontologies available here.
Older SWEET 2.1 ontologies available here.
Older SWEET 2.0 ontologies available here.
Older SWEET 1.1 ontologies available here.

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